Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Inhibition by Z-Pro-D-Leu of development of tolerance to and physical dependence on morphine in mice.

PMID 279936


The peptide-Z-Pro-D-Leu, injected daily in mice receiving morphine chronically, was found to prevent development of physical dependence as measured by changes in body temperature and body weight due either to abrupt or to naloxone-induced withdrawal. On the other hand, administration of Z-Pro-D-Leu only on the last day of morphine treatment did not alter the overt signs of withdrawal. Daily administration of Z-Pro-D-Leu was also effective in blocking the development of tolerance to the analgesic and the hypothermic effects of subsequent challenge doses of morphine. However, the peptide treatment did not alter the acute effects of a challenge dose of morphine on either analgesia or body temperature. No effects on memory were noted, as evaluated in a one-trial passive avoidance task. Clinical implications of the use of Z-Pro-D-Leu are discussed.