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Cyt c6-3: A New Isoform of Photosynthetic Cyt c6 Exclusive to Heterocyst-Forming Cyanobacteria.

PMID 28007969


All known cyanobacteria contain Cyt c6, a small soluble electron carrier protein whose main function is to transfer electrons from the Cyt b6f complex to PSI, although it is also involved in respiration. We have previously described a second isoform of this protein, the Cyt c6-like, whose function remains unknown. Here we describe a third isoform of Cyt c6 (here called Cytc6-3), which is only found in heterocyst-forming filamentous cyanobacteria. Cyt c6-3 is expressed in vegetative cells but is specifically repressed in heterocysts cells under diazotrophic growth conditions. Although there is a close structural similarity between Cyt c6-3 and Cyt c6 related to the general protein folding, Cyt c6-3 presents differential electrostatic surface features as compared with Cyt c6, its expression is not copper dependent and has a low reactivity towards PSI. According to the different expression pattern, functional reactivity and structural properties, Cyt c6-3 has to play an as yet to be defined regulatory role related to heterocyst differentiation.

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Pyridinium chlorochromate, 98%
C5H5N · ClCrO3H