The Journal of general virology

Midgut-based resistance to oral infection by a nucleopolyhedrovirus in the laboratory-selected strain of the smaller tea tortrix, Adoxophyes honmai (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae).

PMID 28008817


A strain of Adoxophyes honmai resistant to Adoxophyes honmai nucleopolyhedrovirus (AdhoNPV) was established from a field-collected colony by repeated selection. Fifth-instar larvae of this resistant strain (R-strain) had over 66 666-fold greater resistance in terms of 50 % lethal concentration values to oral infection of AdhoNPV than non-selected strain larvae (susceptible for AdhoNPV; S2-strain). In this study, the mechanism of resistance to AdhoNPV was determined in R-strain larvae. An assessment of viral genome replication in AdhoNPV-infected S2- and R-strain larvae by quantitative PCR showed no viral genome replication occurring in R-strain larvae. Transcription of AdhoNPV ie-1, vp39 and polyhedrin genes was also not detected in R-strain midgut cells. Besides, a fluorescent brightener had no effect on AdhoNPV infection in either S2- or R-strain. However, binding and fusion of occlusion-derived virus with R-strain were significantly lower than those of S2-strain. These findings suggest that R-strain Adoxophyeshonmai larvae possess a midgut-based resistance to oral infection by AdhoNPV in which midgut epithelial cells are infected less efficiently.