Carbohydrate polymers

Biocompatible electrospinning chitosan nanofibers: A novel delivery system with superior local cancer therapy.

PMID 28038737


In this study, an electrospinning technique was used for the fabrication of novel biomedicated nanofibers which are applied for preventing wound infections and local chemotherapy. CURs containing nanofibers with a crosslinking agent (Si-O-Si network) have been produced through functionalization of graphene oxide with APTES. In vitro drug release profile results showed the novel nanofibers could limit the drug's initial burst release and provide better sustainability in comparison with the blend nanofibers without modified GO. The novel delivery vehicle can inhibit the growth of MRSA and S. epidermidis up to 94% and 88%. Also in vitro cell toxicity experiments which were performed by XTT method on MCF-7, HEP G2 and L929 cell lines showed that anticancer activity of CUR remained intact even after loading into nanofibers. This result suggested that the fGO-Si-CUR including nanofibers were a promising candidate for postoperative chemotherapy.