Journal of chromatography. A

Simultaneous determination of aliphatic, aromatic and heterocyclic biogenic amines without derivatization by capillary electrophoresis and application in beer analysis.

PMID 28041619


Biogenic amines (BAs) play significant roles in indicating human health or food quality. Aiming to simultaneously determine three structures (aliphatic, aromatic and heterocyclic) of underivatized BAs, we explored a simple and rapid capillary electrophoresis (CE) method only coupled with conventional UV detector for the separation of thirteen key BAs. The strategy is to choose a UV absorbing probe as co-ion in the background electrolyte (BGE), and different BAs could be characterized by positive or negative peaks according to the fact that their UV absorptivity coefficients at a certain wavelength are better or worse than that of the UV absorbing probe. After the detailed investigation of critical parameters as pH, the concentration of Imidazole (Im) and α-cyclodextrin (α-CD), the optimized BGE consisted of 12.0mmol/L Im as the UV probe and 10.0mmol/L α-CD as the additive (at pH 4.50 adjusted with acetic acid). With such condition, the targets of thirteen BAs were baseline separated in 9.0min and appeared at nine positive peaks and four negative peaks at 200nm. The obtained LODs and LOQs (S/N=3 or 10) were in the range of 0.36-3.67 and 1.2-12.2μmol/L, respectively. The interday RSDs of migration time and peak area were less than 0.7% and 4.7% (n=6), respectively. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report on separating diverse structures of BAs by using Im as UV absorbing probe. The thirteen BAs were simultaneously detected by direct and indirect UV detection in a CE process. To verify the applicability, this method was used to analyze BAs in commercial beer samples. The recoveries of all BAs except carnosine (not identified by the interference) ranged from 70.4 to 119.6%, and four aliphatic and aromatic amines were satisfactorily identified and quantified.

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