BMC complementary and alternative medicine

Gaultheria trichophylla (Royle): a source of minerals and biologically active molecules, its antioxidant and anti-lipoxygenase activities.

PMID 28049535


Gaultheria trichophylla (Royle) is used as food and for treating many ailments in folk medicine especially against inflammation. The purpose of this in vitro study was to evaluate the ability of extracts of G. trichophylla as anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent and for its mineral contents. Powdered plant material (100xa0g) was extracted with 100xa0ml each of methanol, chloroform, and n-hexane using soxhlet extractor. Antioxidant activity of methanol extract was assessed by DPPH radical scavenging and FRAP assays. Determination of enzyme inhibition activity was determined using 5-LOX inhibitory activity. Total phenolic and flavonoids contents were measured by Folin-Chicalteu and colorimeteric methods respectively. Minerals and heavy metals contents were determined using Atomic absorption spectrophotometer. Qualitative HPLC analysis were performed using some standard phenolic compounds. The highest phenolic (17.5 ± 2.5xa0mg GA equivalent/g) and flavonoids (41.3 ± 0.1xa0mg QE equivalent/g) concentrations were found in methanol extract, which also showed more scavenging activity of 1, 1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl and ferrous reducing power with IC50 = 81.2 ± 0.2 and IC50 = 11.2 ± 0.1xa0μg/ml, respectively. The methanol and chloroform extracts showed best inhibition of 5-lipoxygenase enzyme with 90.5 ± 0.7% and 66.9 ± 0.1% at 0.5xa0mg/ml, respectively. G. trichophylla extract was also evaluated for mineral contents (K, Na, Ca, Mg, Fe, and Cu), and for chemical profiling of heavy metals (Cr, Pb, Cd, Co, Zn, Ni and Hg). Our current findings suggest that this plant is good source of minerals and concentration of all heavy metals were within permissible limits. The results revealed that this ignored plant has great pharmaceutical and nutraceutical potential.