Galectin-1 inhibits oral-intestinal allergy syndrome.

PMID 28086216


The pathogenesis of oral-intestinal allergy syndrome (OIAS) has not been well understood. Published data indicate that galectin (Gal) 1 has immune regulatory functions. This study tests a hypothesis that Gal1 inhibits oral-intestinal allergy syndrome. Mice were sensitized to peanut extracts (PE) via the buccal mucosa with or without using Gal1 together. Upon re-exposure to specific antigen, the OIAS mice showed the systemic allergic response, the oral allergic reactions, and intestinal allergic inflammation, including increases in serum histamine, drop of the core temperature, higher levels of PE-specific IgE and interleukin (IL)-4. Increases in mast cell and eosinophil in the oral mucosa and intestinal mucosa were also observed. The OIAS was inhibited by co-administration with Gal1 via a mechanism of suppressing micro RNA (miR)-98 and reversing the expression of IL-10 in CD14+ cells in the intestine. The OIAS can be induced by applying specific antigens to the oral mucosa, which can be inhibited by co-administration with Gal1.