The Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy

Molecular insights into fosfomycin resistance in Escherichia coli.

PMID 28093485


Fosfomycin activity in Escherichia coli depends on several genes of unknown importance for fosfomycin resistance. The objective was to characterize the role of uhpT , glpT , cyaA and ptsI genes in fosfomycin resistance in E. coli. WT E. coli BW25113 and null mutants, Δ uhpT , Δ glpT , Δ cyaA , Δ ptsI , Δ glpT-uhpT , Δ glpT-cyaA , Δ glpT-ptsI , Δ uhpT-cyaA , Δ uhpT-ptsI and Δ ptsI-cyaA , were studied. Susceptibility to fosfomycin was tested using CLSI guidelines. Fosfomycin mutant frequencies were determined at concentrations of 64 and 256 mg/L. Fosfomycin in vitro activity was tested using time-kill assays at concentrations of 64 and 307 mg/L (human C max ). Fosfomycin MICs were: WT E. coli BW25113 (2 mg/L), Δ glpT (2 mg/L), Δ uhpT (64 mg/L), Δ cyaA (8 mg/L), Δ ptsI (2 mg/L), Δ glpT-uhpT (256 mg/L), Δ glpT-cyaA (8 mg/L), Δ glpT-ptsI (2 mg/L), Δ uhpT-cyaA (512 mg/L), Δ uhpT-ptsI (64 mg/L) and Δ ptsI-cyaA (32 mg/L). In the mutant frequency assays, no mutants were recovered from BW25113. Mutants appeared in Δ glpT , Δ uhpT , Δ cyaA and Δ ptsI at 64 mg/L and in Δ uhpT and Δ cyaA at 256 mg/L. Δ glpT-ptsI , but not Δ glpT-cyaA , Δ uhpT-cyaA or Δ uhpT-ptsI , increased the mutant frequency compared with the highest frequency found in each single mutant. In time-kill assays, all mutants regrew at 64 mg/L. Initial bacterial reductions of 2-4 log 10 cfu/mL were observed for all strains, except for Δ uhpT-ptsI , Δ glpT-uhpT and Δ uhpT-cyaA . Only Δ glpT and Δ ptsI mutants were cleared using 307 mg/L. Fosfomycin MIC may not be a good efficacy predictor, as highly resistant mutants may appear, depending on other pre-existing mutations with no impact on MIC.

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