European journal of immunology

Properdin and factor H production by human dendritic cells modulates their T-cell stimulatory capacity and is regulated by IFN-γ.

PMID 28105653


Dendritic cells (DCs) and complement are both key members of the innate and adaptive immune response. Recent experimental mouse models have shown that production of alternative pathway (AP) components by DCs strongly affects their ability to activate and regulate T-cell responses. In this study we investigated the production and regulation of properdin (fP) and factor H (fH) both integral regulators of the AP, by DCs and tolerogenic DCs (tolDCs). Both fP and fH were produced by DCs, with significantly higher levels of both AP components produced by tolDCs. Upon activation with IFN-γ both cells increased fH production, while simultaneously decreasing production of fP. IL-27, a member of the IL-12 family, increased fH, but production of fP remained unaffected. The functional capacity of fP and fH produced by DCs and tolDCs was confirmed by their ability to bind C3b. Inhibition of fH production by DCs resulted in a greater ability to induce allogenic CD4

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