Clinical proteomics

Immune-enrichment of insulin in bio-fluids on gold-nanoparticle decorated target plate and in situ detection by MALDI MS.

PMID 28115918


Detection of low-abundance biomarkers using mass spectrometry (MS) is often hampered by non-target molecules in biological fluids. In addition, current procedures for sample preparation increase sample consumption and limit analysis throughput. Here, a simple strategy is proposed to construct an antibody-modified target plate for high-sensitivity MS detection of target markers such as insulin, in biological fluids. The target plate was first modified with gold nanoparticle, and then functionalized with corresponding antibody through chemical conjugation. Clinical specimens were incubated onto these antibody-functionalized target plates, and then subjected to matrix assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry analysis. Insulin in samples was enriched specifically on this functional plate. The detection just required low-volume samples (lower than 5xa0µL) and simplified handling process (within 40xa0min). This method exhibited high sensitivity (limit of detection in standard samples, 0.8xa0nM) and good linear correlation of MS intensity with insulin concentration (R(2)xa0=xa00.994). More importantly, insulin present in real biological fluids such as human serum and cell lysate could be detected directly by using this functional target plate without additional sample preparations. Our method is easy to manipulate, cost-effective, and with a potential to be applied in the field of clinical biomarker detection.