Journal of Zhejiang University. Science. B

Isolation, chemical characterization, and immunomodulatory activity of naturally acetylated hemicelluloses from bamboo shavings.

PMID 28124842


Bamboo shavings, the outer or intermediate layer of bamboo stems, are the bulk of by-products produced in bamboo processing. In this study we investigated the isolation, chemical characterization, and immunostimulatory activity in vitro of the hemicelluloses from bamboo shavings. Shavings were first pretreated by steam explosion. The optimal pretreatment was found to be steam explosion at 2.2 MPa for 1 min. Following this pretreatment, the yield of hemicelluloses reached (2.05±0.22)% (based on the dry dewaxed raw materials), which was 5.7-fold higher than that of untreated samples. Bamboo-shavings hemicellulose (BSH) was then prepared by hot water extraction and ethanol precipitation from the steam-exploded shavings. Purification of BSH by anion-exchange chromatography of diethylaminoethanol (DEAE)-sepharose Fast Flow resulted in a neutral fraction (BSH-1, purity of 95.3%, yield of 1.06%) and an acidic fraction (BSH-2, purity of 92.5%, yield of 0.79%). The weight-average molecular weights (M