Cell cycle (Georgetown, Tex.)

miRNA-34c inhibits myoblasts proliferation by targeting YY1.

PMID 28125315


miRNAs are increasingly being implicated as key regulators of cell proliferation, apoptosis, and differentiation. miRNA-34c appears to play a crucial role in cancer pathogenesis wherein it exerts its effect as a tumor suppressor. However, the role of miR-34c in myoblast proliferation remains poorly understood. Here, we found that overexpression miR-34c inhibited myoblasts proliferation by reducing the protein and mRNA expression of cell cycle genes. In contrast, blocking the function of miR-34c promoted myoblasts proliferation and increased the protein and mRNA expression of cell cycle genes. Moreover, miR-34c directly targeted YY1 and inhibited its expression. Similar to overexpression miR-34c, knockdown of YY1 by siRNA suppressed myoblasts proliferation. Our study provides novel evidence for a role of miR-34c in inhibiting myoblasts proliferation by repressing YY1. Thus, miR-34c has the potential to be used to enhance skeletal muscle development and regeneration.