Journal of ultrasound in medicine : official journal of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine

An In Vitro Assay for Sonothrombolysis Based on the Spectrophotometric Measurement of Clot Thickness.

PMID 28150461


For improved thrombolysis therapy based on ultrasound irradiation, researchers and practitioners would strongly benefit from an easy and efficient in vitro assay system of thrombolysis activity involving irradiated ultrasound. For the present study, we designed a new in vitro sonothrombolysis assay system using a sheet-type clot. We designed a cell for clot assay, and we confirmed that this clot cell did not significantly intervene in the acoustic field. Using human plasma, we made a sheet-type clot in the cell. Clot thicknesses at 100 points along 4 directions were measured photometrically at a rate of approximately 4 points/s. The sonothrombolysis effects at 13 levels of ultrasonic intensity were obtained with only one sheet-type clot. With this method, we used a clinically oriented probe at 0.7 and 0.3 W/cm(2) to confirm that sonothrombolysis took place. We successfully established a new, easy, and efficient method for conducting in vitro sonothrombolysis assays. This method involves little intervention of either ultrasound reflection or standing waves in the clot cell. We believe that this new assay method is very useful for fundamental analyses of ultrasound's thrombolysis effects.