The Journal of biological chemistry

S-Palmitoylation of Junctional Adhesion Molecule C Regulates Its Tight Junction Localization and Cell Migration.

PMID 28196865


Junctional adhesion molecule C (JAM-C) is an immunoglobulin superfamily protein expressed in epithelial cells, endothelial cells, and leukocytes. JAM-C has been implicated in leukocyte transendothelial migration, angiogenesis, cell adhesion, cell polarity, spermatogenesis, and metastasis. Here, we show that JAM-C undergoes S-palmitoylation on two juxtamembrane cysteine residues, Cys-264 and Cys-265. We have identified DHHC7 as a JAM-C palmitoylating enzyme by screening all known palmitoyltransferases (DHHCs). Ectopic expression of DHHC7, but not a DHHC7 catalytic mutant, enhances JAM-C S-palmitoylation. Moreover, DHHC7 knockdown decreases the S-palmitoylation level of JAM-C. Palmitoylation of JAM-C promotes its localization to tight junctions and inhibits transwell migration of A549 lung cancer cells. These results suggest that S-palmitoylation of JAM-C can be potentially targeted to control cancer metastasis.