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Beneficial effects of apple peel polyphenols on vascular endothelial dysfunction and liver injury in high choline-fed mice.

PMID 28239698


This study was designed to investigate the preventive effects of Red Fuji apple peel polyphenolic extract (APP) on vascular endothelial dysfunction and liver injury in mice fed a high choline diet. The mice were fed 3% dietary choline in drinking water for 8 weeks and displayed vascular dysfunction and liver damage (p < 0.01). The administration of APP at 600 and 900 mg per kg bw significantly elevated serum NO, HDL and 6-Keto-PGF1a levels and lowered serum TC, TG, LDL, ET-1 and TXB2 levels in the HC-fed mice. Besides, APP also caused the reduction of AST, ALT activities and MDA, CRP, TNF-α levels, and increased the hepatic GSH-Px and SOD activities of the HC-fed mice. Furthermore, the histopathology of the liver by conventional H&E and oil red O staining confirmed the liver steatosis induced by a choline diet and the hepatoprotective effect of APP. The experiment results indicated that the polyphenolic extract from apple peel might be regarded as a preventive and therapeutic product for the amelioration of HC diet-induced vascular dysfunction and hepatic injury.