The Journal of cell biology

TANGO1 assembles into rings around COPII coats at ER exit sites.

PMID 28280121


TANGO1 (transport and Golgi organization 1) interacts with CTAGE5 and COPII components Sec23/Sec24 and recruits ERGIC-53 (endoplasmic reticulum [ER]-Golgi intermediate compartment 53)-containing membranes to generate a mega-transport carrier for export of collagens and apolipoproteins from the ER. We now show that TANGO1, at the ER, assembles in a ring that encircles COPII components. The C-terminal, proline-rich domains of TANGO1 molecules in the ring are initially tilted onto COPII coats but appear to be pushed apart as the carrier grows. These findings lend support to our suggestion that growth of transport carriers for exporting bulky cargoes requires addition of membranes and not simply COPII-mediated accretion of a larger surface of ER. TANGO1 remains at the neck of the newly forming transport carrier, which grows in size by addition of ERGIC-53-containing membranes to generate a transport intermediate for the export of bulky collagens.