Journal of bone and mineral metabolism

Effect of osteoporosis medication on changes in bone mineral density and bone turnover markers after 24-month administration of daily teriparatide: comparison among minodronate, raloxifene, and eldecalcitol.

PMID 28293779


This study reveals the changes in bone mineral density (BMD), the turnover rate, and the balance [multiple of median formation/multiple of median resorption (MoMf/MoMr)] affected by the selection of different bone resorption inhibitors after 24-month daily teriparatide (20 µg/day) administration. The turnover rate was calculated as √(MoMf2 + MoMr2), where MoMf = bone-specific alkaline phosphatase (BAP) value/18.6 and MoMr = tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase 5b (TRACP-5b) value/463. One hundred and twenty-one osteoporotic women (mean age 82.4 years) were randomly administered minodronate (50 mg/28 days), raloxifene (60 mg/day), or eldecalcitol (0.75 µg/day) after teriparatide discontinuation. BMD was measured at 0, 24, and 48 weeks; BAP values and TRACP-5b were measured at 0, 12, 24, 36, and 48 weeks after administration of bone resorption inhibitors. In the minodronate group, BMD increased significantly from week 0 to weeks 24 and 48. The turnover rate was significantly reduced at week 12, and remained so over the entire course in all three groups. The speed of change of turnover rate was greatest in the minodronate group. The balance in the minodronate group shifted significantly toward formation dominance at week 12 (to 0.97 from 0.87) and then again toward resorption dominance (to 0.84) at week 24. However, no further advancement in resorption dominance was observed until week 48. Conversely, the balance in the raloxifene and eldecalcitol groups shifted toward resorption dominance gradually over the entire course. In conclusion, the BMD-increasing effect was greatest with minodronate administration and depends not only on the decrease in turnover rate but also on changes in balance after teriparatide discontinuation.

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