Journal of clinical microbiology

Evaluation of the bioNexia Legionella Test, Including Impact of Incubation Time Extension, for Detection of Legionella pneumophila Serogroup 1 Antigen in Urine.

PMID 28330891


In this study, we compared the bioNexia test (bioMérieux, Marcy-l'Étoile, France), a new immunochromatographic assay for the detection of Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1 in urine, with the BinaxNOW urinary antigen test (Alere, Waltham, Massachusetts, USA). After 15 min of incubation (in accordance with the manufacturers' instructions), the sensitivities and specificities were, respectively, 76.5% and 97.2% for the bioNexia test and 87.1% and 100% for the BinaxNOW test. After a prolonged incubation time of 60 min, the sensitivities and specificities increased to, respectively, 89.4% and 97.2% for the bioNexia test and 91.8% and 100% for the BinaxNOW test. When the tests were read after 15 min, the concentration of discrepant urine samples increased the sensitivities to 94.1% for both tests. In conclusion, we found that although the bioNexia test showed lower sensitivity for the detection of L. pneumophila antigen in nonconcentrated urine compared to the BinaxNOW test, a prolonged incubation time as well as the use of concentrated samples showed comparable sensitivities for both tests.