Irish veterinary journal

Application of antibodies to recombinant heat shock protein 70 in immunohistochemical diagnosis of mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis in tissues of naturally infected cattle.

PMID 28344769


Detection of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) infection is key to the control of Johne's disease. Immunohistochemistry is one of the methods of detection of MAP infection in tissues. However, unavailability of commercial antibodies that can detect the organism is a limiting factor for the use of immunohistochemistry. This study was aimed at developing an immunohistochemistry method to diagnose MAP in infected tissues using antibodies against MAP recombinant heat shock protein 70kd. MAP Heat shock protein 70 gene was amplified and cloned into an expression vector, Champion pET-SUMO, then expressed in E coli, purified and used to produce polyclonal rabbit antibodies against the Heat shock protein. Immunohistochemistry was performed in 35 MAP infected tissues with anti-HSP70 polyclonal antibodies. All 35 MAP infected tissues were positive for MAP within macrophages, epithelioid cells and giant cells either in clumps or singly as individual bacilli. No positive staining was seen in the three uninfected normal tissues and in MAP infected tissues where primary antibodies were substituted with PBS or pre-immune serum from the same rabbit. Anti-HSP70 produced in this study offers an opportunity for improved diagnosis, screening of MAP in animal tissues and in studies on the pathogenesis of MAP.