International journal of food sciences and nutrition

Highly bioavailable nanocalcium from oyster shell for preventing osteoporosis in rats.

PMID 28359214


Oyster shell is one of the foremost natural sources of calcium and is used as an alternative treatment for osteoporosis. In this study, we demonstrated that zinc-activated nanopowdered oyster shell (Zn-NPOS) effectively reduced bone loss compared with powdered oyster shell (POS) in an ovariectomized rat (OVX) model. As a result of nanosizing, the solubility and bioavailability of the oyster shell were greatly improved, and its effectiveness was further enhanced by zinc activation. Bone analysis indicated greater recovery from ovariectomy-induced bone loss following Zn-NPOS treatment. Moreover, Zn-NPOS treatment resulted in higher bone strength and superior trabecular architecture compared with NPOS and POS treatments. Furthermore, Zn-NPOS showed greater efficiency in increasing bone formation and reducing bone resorption markers. Therefore, nanosizing with zinc activation could be a viable strategy for improving the efficiency of oyster shells used for osteoporosis prevention.