Scientific reports

Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells combine with Treated dentin matrix to build biological root.

PMID 28401887


Treated dentin matrix (TDM) as a kind of scaffolding material has been proved odontogenic induction ability on dental-derived stem cells. Given the limited resources of dental stem cells, it is necessary to seek new seed cell which easily obtained. Jaw bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell (JBMMSC) as non-dental-derived stem cell relates to the development of teeth and jaws which suggest us JBMMSCs could act as a new seed cell for tooth tissue engineering. To assess the odontogenic and osteogenic potential of JBMMSCs, cells were induced by TDM extraction in vitro and combined with TDM in vivo. Results were analyzed by PCR, Western Blotting and histology. PCR and Western Blotting showed odontogenic and osteogenic makers were significantly enhanced in varying degrees after induced by TDM extraction in vitro. In vivo, JBMMSCs expressed both odontogenic and osteogenic-related protein, and the latter showed stronger positive expression. Furthermore, histological examination of the harvested grafts was observed the formation of bone-like tissue. Therefore, osteogenic differentiation ability of JBMMSCs were enhanced significantly after being inducted by TDM which illustrates that non-odontogenic derived stem cells are still promising seed cells in tooth root tissue engineering.