British journal of pharmacology

The isoprenoid derivative N

PMID 28419419


N We designed and synthesized i6A derivatives characterized by the introduction of diverse chemical moieties in the N6 position of adenosine and tested for their efficacy in U87 cells and in primary glioma cultures, derived from patients. NMR-based structural analysis, molecular docking calculations and siRNA mediated knockdown were used to clarify the molecular basis of their action, targeting FPPS protein. CM223, the i6A derivative including a benzyl moiety in N6 position of adenine, showed marked activity in selectively targeting glioma cells, but not normal human astrocytes. This was due to induction of intrinsic pathways of apoptosis and inhibition of proliferation, along with blockade of FPPS-dependent protein prenylation, which counteracted oncogenic signalling mediated by EGF receptors. The biological effects together with structural data on interaction of CM223 with FPPS, provided additional evidence for the correlation of the i6A/CM223 antitumor activity with FPPS modulation. Because the MVA pathway is an important promising target, CM223 and its derivatives should be considered interesting active molecules in antiglioma research.

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