Identification and characterization of L1-specific endo-siRNAs essential for early embryonic development in pig.

PMID 28423565


Small noncoding RNAs (sncRNAs) play important roles in RNA interference (RNAi). In addition to microRNA (miRNA) and Piwi-interacting RNA (piRNA), one key member of sncRNAs group is endogenous small interfering RNA (endo-siRNA). Some studies do show the role of endo-siRNAs in Dicer and/or Ago mutants, however, the biological functions of specific endo-siRNAs remains mostly unanswered. In the study, we have performed a comparative analysis of endo-siRNAs present in porcine sperms, oocytes and zygotes, identified by deep sequencing and bioinformatics analysis. Further, we observe a large amount of endo-siRNAs specific binding on ORF2 and 3' UTR of porcine L1 (L1-siRNAs). And, 9 L1-siRNAs generated from a dsRNA formed between L1 transcript and a newly identified an antisense noncoding RNA was characterized. We show the L1-siRNAs regulate early embryonic development by inhibiting the activity of L1 retrotransposition. This work can contribute to understanding the functional role of abundant endo-siRNAs in embryonic development.