Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP

Impact of lipid composition and photosensitizer hydrophobicity on the efficiency of light-triggered liposomal release.

PMID 28425533


Photo-triggerable liposomes are considered nowadays as promising drug delivery devices due to their potential to release encapsulated drugs in a spatial and temporal manner. In this work, we have investigated the photopermeation efficiency of three photosensitizers (PSs), namely verteporfin, pheophorbide a and m-THPP when incorporated into liposomes with well-defined lipid compositions (SOPC, DOPC or SLPC). By changing the nature of phospholipids and PSs, the illumination of the studied systems was shown to significantly alter their lipid bilayer properties via the formation of lipid peroxides. The system efficiency depends on the PS/phospholipid association, and the ability of the PS to peroxidize acyl chains. Our results demonstrated the possible use of these three clinically approved (or under investigation) PSs as potential candidates for photo-triggerable liposome conception.