Journal of ethnopharmacology

Inhibition of pro-inflammatory enzymes by medicinal plants from the Argentinean highlands (Puna).

PMID 28433637


Human groups in the Argentinean Andes highlands (Puna) selected native plants as anti-inflammatory agents. The indications of use are mainly to relieve pain, as infusions, ethanolic extracts or plasters. The objective of the study was to assess the effect of hydroalcoholic extracts from native highland plants as anti-inflammatory agents according to the traditional indications of use. The chemical profile of the three most active species was analyzed by HPLC-ESI-MS to get an insight into the constituents and the effects observed according to the ethnopharmacological information. Hydroalcoholic extracts from 13 Argentinean Puna plants used as anti-inflammatory were evaluated as inhibitors of the pro-inflammatory enzymes phospholipase A Among the species investigated, Ephedra multiflora was the most active as LOX inhibitor (IC Six out of the 13 species investigated showed a moderate to strong effect towards the enzyme sPLA