Saudi medical journal

Isolation of Mycoplasma genitalium from endocervical swabs of infertile women.

PMID 28439608


To determine the occurrence of Mycoplasma genitalium (M. genitalium) infection in infertile women attending infertility clinic and its association to infertility. Methods: Endocervical specimens were collected from women presenting with primary and secondary infertility and from fertile women as control group. Real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR)  assay was performed to detect the presence of M. genitalium from these endocervical specimens.  Results: Mycoplasma genitalium was detected in 3% of infertile women. There was no statistically significant difference between infertility and control group as to signs and symptoms except for signs of cervicitis were presented only among infertile group. We found no significant differences among fertile and infertile women for M. genitalium infection. Conclusion: An association between M. genitalium infection and infertility may exist. Screening of women for M. genitalium infection is recommended as part of investigations for infertility.