Oncology reports

β-catenin induces expression of prohibitin gene in acute leukemic cells.

PMID 28440457


Prohibitin (PHB) is a multifunctional protein conserved in eukaryotic systems and shows various expression levels in tumor cells. However, regulation of PHB is not clearly understood. Here, we focused on the regulation of PHB expression by Wnt signaling, one of dominant regulatory signals in various leukemic cells. High mRNA levels of PHB were found in half of clinical leukemia samples. PHB expression was increased by inhibition of the MAPK pathway and decreased by activation of EGF signal. Although cell proliferating signals downregulated the transcription of PHB, treatment with lithium chloride, an analog of the Wnt signal, induced PHB level in various cell types. We identified the TCF-4/LEF-1 binding motif, CATCTG, in the promoter region of PHB by site-directed mutagenesis and ChIP assay. This β-catenin-mediated activation of PHB expression was independent of c‑MYC activation, a product of Wnt signaling. These data indicate that PHB is a direct target of β-catenin and the increased level of PHB in leukemia can be regulated by Wnt signaling.