Journal of chromatographic science

Extraction and Determination of Quercetin from Ginkgo biloba by DESs-Based Polymer Monolithic Cartridge.

PMID 28449063


Deep eutectic solvents (DES) were formed from choline chloride (ChCl). DES-modified polymer monolithic (DES-M), template molecular polymer monolithic and non-DES-M without a molecular template were synthesized in identical process. These polymer materials were characterized by field emission scanning electron microscopy and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. The significant selective adsorption properties of the polymers were assessed by an absorption capacity experiment and solid-phase extraction (SPE). The optimized extraction procedure was as follows: ultrasonic time (30 min), optimal solvent (ethanol) and liquid to material ratio (20 mL g-1). Under this condition, the amount of quercetin extracted from Ginkgo biloba was 290.8 mg g-1. The purification of G. biloba was achieved by the SPE process. Based on the results, DESs-based monolithic cartridges can be used for simple and efficient extraction and as a pre-concentration technique for the purification of bioactive compounds or drugs in aqueous environments with high affinity and selectivity.