Applied biochemistry and biotechnology

Isoliquiritigenin Induces Cytotoxicity in PC-12 Cells In Vitro.

PMID 28488118


Isoliquiritigenin (ISL) has been reported to have a wide range of biological activities. This study evaluated the cytotoxic effect of ISL on norvegicus pheochromocytoma cell line (PC-12 cells) and its possible molecular mechanism. The cytotoxicity in vitro of ISL against PC-12 cells was investigated by MTT assay. The migration and invasion of PC-12 cells were performed by scratch test and transwell assay. Apoptosis was evaluated by microscopy and flow cytometry. The reactive oxygen species (ROS) and mitochondrial membrane potential were studied by fluorescent microscopy. DNA damage of PC-12 cells was analyzed by comet assay. The protein expression of caspase, Bcl-2 family member, autophagy-associated protein Beclin-1, and LC3 was detected by western blot. The autophagy of PC-12 cells was investigated by acridine orange (AO) and monodansylcadaverine (MDC) staining. The IC