Scientific reports

Association study and expression analysis of CYP4A11 gene copy number variation in Chinese cattle.

PMID 28492277


The identification of copy number variations (CNVs) allow us to explore genomic polymorphisms. In recent years, significant progress in understanding CNVs has been made in studies of human and animals, however, association and expression studies of CNVs are still in the early stage. It was previously reported that the Cytochrome P-450 4A11 (CYP4A11) gene is located within a copy number variable region (CNVR) that encompasses quantitative trait loci (QTLs) for economic traits like meat quality and milk production. So, this study was performed to determine the presence of CYP4A11 CNV in six distinct cattle breeds, identify its relationship with growth, and explore the biological effects of gene expression. For three CYP4A11 CNV types, Normal was more frequent than Gain or Loss. Association analysis revealed a positive effect of CYP4A11 copy number on growth traits (P < 0.05). One-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) analysis revealed that more CYP4A11 copies increased the gene expression level. Moreover, overexpression of CYP4A11 in vitro revealed its effect on lipid deposit. The data provide evidence for the functional role of CYP4A11 CNV and provide the basis for future applications in cattle breeding.