British journal of cancer

Inhibition of neurotensin receptor 1 induces intrinsic apoptosis via let-7a-3p/Bcl-w axis in glioblastoma.

PMID 28494471


Backgroud:Glioblastoma is a kind of highly malignant and aggressive tumours in the central nervous system. Previously, we found that neurotensin (NTS) and its high-affinity receptor 1 (NTSR1) had essential roles in cell proliferation and invasiveness of glioblastoma. Unexpectedly, cell death also appeared by inhibition of NTSR1 except for cell cycle arrest. However, the mechanisms were remained to be further explored. Cells treated with SR48692, a selective antagonist of NTSR1, or NTSR1 shRNA were stained with Annexin V-FITC/PI and the apoptosis was assessed by flow cytometry. Cytochrome c release was detected by using immunofluorescence. Mitochondrial membrane potential (MMP, ΔΨm) loss was stained by JC-1 and detected by immunofluorescence or flow cytometry. Apoptosis antibody array and microRNA microarray were performed to seek the potential regulators of NTSR1 inhibition-induced apoptosis. Interaction between let-7a-3p and Bcl-w 3'UTR was evaluated by using luciferase assay. SR48692 induced massive apoptosis, which was related to mitochondrial cytochrome c release and MMP loss. Knockdown of NTSR1 induced slight apoptosis and significant MMP loss. In addition, NTSR1 inhibition sensitised glioblastoma cells to actinomycin D or doxorubicin-induced apoptosis. Consistently, NTSR1 inhibition-induced mitochondrial apoptosis was accompanied by downregulation of Bcl-w and Bcl-2. Restoration of Bcl-w partly rescued NTSR1 deficiency-induced apoptosis. In addition, NTSR1 deficiency promoted higher let-7a-3p expression and inhibition let-7a-3p partly rescued NTSR1 inhibition-induced apoptosis. In addition, let-7a-3p inhibition promoted 3'UTR activities of Bcl-w and the expression of c-Myc and LIN28, which were the upstream of let-7a-3p, decreased after NTSR1 inhibition. NTSR1 had an important role in protecting glioblastoma from intrinsic apoptosis via c-Myc/LIN28/let-7a-3p/Bcl-w axis.