Carbohydrate polymers

Synthesis of full interpenetrating hemicellulose hydrogel networks.

PMID 28521995


Two methods with different cross-linking mechanisms for designing hemicellulose-based full interpenetrating polymer networks (IPNs) were developed through the sequential synthesis of full IPNs from O-acetyl-galactoglucomannan (AcGGM) utilizing free-radical polymerization and a thiol-ene click reaction. A faster swelling rate was observed for all IPN formulations compared with the single-network gels. The highly porous structure of the IPNs with small interconnected pores was verified using scanning electron microscopy. A rheological analysis revealed that the AcGGM IPNs fabricated by the free-radical polymerization of acrylamide and N-N'-methylenebisacrylamide (cross-linker) had shear storage modulus (G') values approximately 5 and 2.5 times higher than that of the corresponding precursor single networks of AcGGM. IPNs achieved through thiol-ene reactions between thiolated AcGGM and polyethylene glycol diacrylate had G' values 35-40 times higher than the single-network reference hydrogels.