Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry

Rapid multiresidue determination of bisphenol analogues in soil with on-line derivatization.

PMID 28573319


Bisphenol analogues are compounds extensively used which have been potentially linked to adverse health effects. Nevertheless, few studies reported the analysis of compounds, other than bisphenol A, in environmental solid samples and none in soil samples. In this study, a rapid and sensitive analytical method is presented for the simultaneous determination of 13 bisphenols in soil samples. The method combines ultrasonic-assisted extraction of samples placed in small columns and GC-MS/MS analysis. Manual and on-line derivatizations were compared and results showed that significant higher chromatographic responses were achieved with on-line derivatization. Different parameters such as the quantity of derivatization agent, the extraction solvent, or the extraction time were assayed. The detection limits for all target bisphenols ranged from 0.04 to 0.27 ng g(-1), for BPC and BPA, respectively. Analysis of spiked soil samples gave satisfactory recovery results, from 70 to 111%, for all the compounds. Finally, the validated method was applied to soil samples from several Spanish areas, and 3 of the 13 target bisphenols (BPAF, BPF, and BPA) were detected, although only BPF and BPA could be quantified with levels up to 127 ng g(-1). Graphical abstract Schematic diagram of the developed method for the determination of bisphenol analogues.

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Tetrachlorobisphenol A, analytical standard