Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Regulation of spinogenesis in mature Purkinje cells via mGluR/PKC-mediated phosphorylation of CaMKIIβ.

PMID 28607044


Dendritic spines of Purkinje cells form excitatory synapses with parallel fiber terminals, which are the primary sites for cerebellar synaptic plasticity. Nevertheless, how density and morphology of these spines are properly maintained in mature Purkinje cells is not well understood. Here we show an activity-dependent mechanism that represses excessive spine development in mature Purkinje cells. We found that CaMKIIβ promotes spine formation and elongation in Purkinje cells through its F-actin bundling activity. Importantly, activation of group I mGluR, but not AMPAR, triggers PKC-mediated phosphorylation of CaMKIIβ, which results in dissociation of the CaMKIIβ/F-actin complex. Defective function of the PKC-mediated CaMKIIβ phosphorylation promotes excess F-actin bundling and leads to abnormally numerous and elongated spines in mature IP