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Cdc25A Is a Critical Mediator of Ischemic Neuronal Death

PMID 28607169


Dysregulation of cell cycle machinery is implicated in a number of neuronal death contexts, including stroke. Increasing evidence suggests that cyclin-dependent kinases (Cdks) are inappropriately activated in mature neurons under ischemic stress conditions. We previously demonstrated a functional role for the cyclin D1/Cdk4/pRb (retinoblastoma tumor suppressor protein) pathway in delayed neuronal death induced by ischemia. However, the molecular signals leading to cyclin D/Cdk4/pRb activation following ischemic insult are presently not clear. Here, we investigate the cell division cycle 25 (Cdc25) dual-specificity phosphatases as potential upstream regulators of ischemic neuronal death and Cdk4 activation. We show that a pharmacologic inhibitor of Cdc25 family members (A, B, and C) protects mouse primary neurons from hypoxia-induced delayed death. The major contributor to the death process appears to be Cdc25A. shRNA-mediated knockdown of Cdc25A protects neurons in a delayed model of hypoxia-induced death

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