Annales d'endocrinologie

Clinical follow-up of the first SF-1 insufficient female patient.

PMID 28624161


Steroidogenic factor 1 (SF-1/NR5A1) plays a crucial role in regulating adrenal development, gonad determination and differentiation, and in the hypothalamic-pituitary control of reproduction and metabolism. In men (46, XY), it is known that mutations in SF-1/NR5A1 gene cause a wide phenotypic spectrum with variable degrees of undervirilization. In recent years, the role of SF-1 in the ovarian function was increasingly discussed and alterations in the gene were related to primary ovarian insufficiency. We describe the follow-up of a 46, XX affected woman with a SF-1 mutation and by comparing our case with the known manifestations reported in the literature, we try to further elucidate the function of SF-1 in the ovary. During infancy, adrenal insufficiency was the only clinical sign of the loss-of-function as ovarian development and function seemed normal. To date, this young woman aged 16.5 years shows normal growth, normal BMI and psychomotor development, has a normal puberty and regular menstruation. This report shows one, to date uniquely described, phenotypic variant of SF-1 mutation in a 46, XX affected person with adrenocortical insufficiency but no ovarian dysfunction nor disturbance of pubertal development. To follow the natural history of SF-1 mutation in a 46, XX individual will further shed light on its role in the ovarian function and thus will help to counsel affected patients in future.