Novel variant of OCT4B4 is differentially expressed in human embryonic stem and embryonic carcinoma cells.

PMID 28633916


POU domain proteins are an important family of transcription factors that regulates cell type-specific gene expression. One of the most crucial members of this family that maintains pluripotency and self-renewal of embryonic stem cells is POU5F1/OCT4. The OCT4 gene can generate several variants under different situations/cell types includes OCT4A that is the major factor sustains pluripotency in embryonic stem and embryonic carcinoma cells, and also OCT4B and OCT4B1, which are transcribed from a different potential promoter located in intron1 and are expressed in various tissues and cell types. In present study, during expression check of OCT4B1 in embryonic carcinoma cells (NT2), we discovered a novel OCT4 transcript for the first time and designated it as OCT4B4. This variant is expressed in various human pluripotent cells and its expression is down-regulated upon induction of differentiation. Moreover, knocking down of OCT4B4 by shRNA resulted in increased accumulation of transfected cells in G0/G1 phase compared to the mock-transfected control cells.