Pakistan journal of pharmaceutical sciences

Formulation, Evaluation and release rate characteristics of medicated jelly of vitamin C.

PMID 28650324


Medicated jelly formulations are patient friendly dosage form for pediatric, geriatric and dysphagic patients. These formulations offer rapid dissolution and absorption of drugs through oral mucosa therefore show the early onset of action. The objective of the study was to develop and evaluate oral jelly formulations of vitamin C. Slurry method was adopted using glucose 103gm, sugar 67gm, gelatin 10gm and sorbitol 6.56gm. Preformulation studies were performed including the organoleptic profile, pH, and solubility of both drugs. The medicated jelly of Vitamin C was prepared and evaluated for physical characteristics, weight variation, syneresis, pH, taste and palatability, drug content, release rate characteristics and stability studies. All the jellies were found to have patient welcoming taste and were palatable. All formulations showed more than 50% drug release within 15 minutes, while 93% drug was released in 30 minutes. The results of release kinetics showed that the formulation followed the zero order release kinetics. Thus the drug was released at constant rate independent of the drug concentration involved in the process. All the medicated jellies were found to remain stable stored for 60 days at different temperatures. The present study revealed that medicated jellies of vitamin C could be employed orally in an effective form as an alternative solid oral dosage form for special population such as pediatrics, geriatrics and patients with dysphagia.

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