International journal of cancer

DNA-methylation-mediated repression of miR-766-3p promotes cell proliferation via targeting SF2 expression in renal cell carcinoma.

PMID 28657135


Aberrant expression of microRNA (miRNA) emerges as an important role in a wide range of human malignances, and further identification as well as validation of the change of these endogenous non-protein-coding transcripts is warranted. Here, we identify a novel epigenetic regulation of miR-766-3p and investigate its biological function as well as clinical significance in renal cell carcinoma (RCC). Bisulfate analysis elucidates that the promoter of miR-766-3p is highly methylated in RCC tissues compared to non-tumorous tissues. Notably, the downregulation of miR-766-3p is obviously associated with clinical stage and worse prognosis in RCC patients. Upregulated miR-766-3p attenuates cell-cycle progression via targeting SF2 expression and additional SF2/P-AKT/P-ERK signaling pathway. Moreover, high level of SF2, as a novel oncoprotein in RCC, was significantly associated with poor survival in a large cohort of RCC specimens. Taken together, our study presents a road map for the prediction and validation of miR-766-3p/SF2 axis and thus imparts a therapeutic way for further RCC progression.