Molecular immunology

IL-17RB enhances thyroid cancer cell invasion and metastasis via ERK1/2 pathway-mediated MMP-9 expression.

PMID 28715683


IL-17RB, a member of the IL-17 receptor family that can be activated by IL-17B, has been proved to be involved in inflammatory diseases and cancers. However, the function of IL-17RB in thyroid cancer is still unknown. In this study, IL-17RB expression in thyroid cancer cell lines and tissues was examined by real-time PCR and western blot. The effects of IL-17RB on cell invasion and migration were determined by in vitro invasion and migration assays, while the effects of IL-17RB on cell metastasis were analyzed by in vivo experiments. The results showed that IL-17RB expression was upregulated in both thyroid cancer cells and tissues. IL-17B dose-dependently promoted the invasion, growth and migration of thyroid cancer cells, whereas knockdown of IL-17RB attenuated the effects of IL-17B in vitro. Moreover, IL-17RB was involved in the metastasis and growth of thyroid cancer cells in vivo. In addition, IL-17RB induced ERK1/2 activation and increased MMP-9 expression in vitro and in vivo. Inhibition of ERK1/2 pathway blocked the IL-17RB-mediated thyroid cancer cell invasion and MMP-9 expression. Together, our findings demonstrate that IL-17RB can enhance thyroid cancer cell invasion and metastasis via ERK1/2 pathway-mediated MMP-9 expression, suggesting that IL-17RB may act as a potential therapeutic target for thyroid cancer therapy.

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