Molecular cancer therapeutics

Potency-matched Dual Cytokine-Antibody Fusion Proteins for Cancer Therapy.

PMID 28716814


A novel biopharmaceutical, consisting of the F8 mAb (specific to a splice isoform of fibronectin) simultaneously fused to both TNF and IL2, was found to react with the majority of solid tumors and hematologic malignancies in mouse and man, but not with healthy adult tissues. The product selectively localized to neoplastic lesions in vivo, as evidenced by quantitative biodistribution studies using radioiodinated protein preparations. When the potency of the cytokine payloads was matched by a single-point mutation, the resulting fusion protein (IL2-F8-TNFmut) eradicated soft-tissue sarcomas in immunocompetent mice, which did not respond to individual antibody-cytokine fusion proteins or by standard doxorubicin treatment. Durable complete responses were also observed in mice bearing CT26, C1498, and F9 tumors. The simultaneous delivery of multiple proinflammatory payloads to the cancer site conferred protective immunity against subsequent tumor challenges. A fully human homolog of IL2-F8-TNFmut, which retained selectivity similar to its murine counterpart when tested on human material, may open new clinical applications for the immunotherapy of cancer. Mol Cancer Ther; 16(11); 2442-51. ©2017 AACR.