Scientific reports

Integrin β3/Akt signaling contributes to platelet-induced hemangioendothelioma growth.

PMID 28744026


Hemangioendothelioma (HE) is a type of angiomatous lesions that features endothelial cell proliferation. Understanding the mechanisms orchestrating HE angiogenesis can provide therapeutic insights. It has been shown that platelets can support normal and malignant endothelial cells during angiogenesis. Using the mouse endothelial-derived EOMA cell line as a model of HE, we explored the regulatory effect of platelets. We found that platelets stimulated EOMA proliferation but did not mitigate apoptosis. Furthermore, direct platelet-EOMA cell contact was required and the proliferation was mediated via integrin β3/Akt signaling in EOMA cells. SiRNA knockdown of integrin β3 and inhibition of Akt activity significantly abolished platelet-induced EOMA cell proliferation in vitro and tumor development in vivo. These results provide a new mechanism by which platelets support HE progression and suggest integrin β3 as a potential target to treat HE.

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