BMC neurology

Acute autonomic neuropathy with severe gastrointestinal symptoms in children: a case series.

PMID 28841844


Acute autonomic neuropathy (AAN) is rare disorder with anecdotal report, especially for childhood onset patients. Misdiagnosis or delays in treatment can always be found in clinical practice. We conducted this study to give a description of the manifestations and treatment of AAN in children and therefore help clinicians to make the accurate diagnosis early so that the prognosis of the patients can be improved. A systematic record from 3 clinical centers was used to identify 11 subject, 3 males and 8 females, with clinical diagnosed AAN. The age ranged from 2 years and 4 months to 14 years and 6 months (mean, 9 ± 3.6 years old) and the course from onset to diagnosis ranged from 7 days to 8 months. All children shared prominent initial symptoms, 7 with frequent vomiting and 4 with motor dysfunctions. The condition of 9 patients improved after treatment of IVIg and intravenous glucocorticoid. The clinical manifestations of AAN are diverse, generalized, and non-specific. Gastrointestinal disorders were the most common initial symptoms. Symptoms of gastrointestinal system and abnormal secretion of glands were severe and more common than other symptoms. The mechanism of AAN remains unknown. Although IVIg and intravenous glucocorticoid can be used in clinical practice, there is still no treatment recommendation and further study is needed.

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