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The Dopamine Transporter Recycles via a Retromer-Dependent Postendocytic Mechanism: Tracking Studies Using a Novel Fluorophore-Coupling Approach.

PMID 28847807


Presynaptic reuptake, mediated by the dopamine (DA) transporter (DAT), terminates DAergic neurotransmission and constrains extracellular DA levels. Addictive and therapeutic psychostimulants inhibit DA reuptake and multiple DAT coding variants have been reported in patients with neuropsychiatric disorders. These findings underscore that DAT is critical for DA neurotransmission and homeostasis. DAT surface availability is regulated acutely by endocytic trafficking, and considerable effort has been directed toward understanding mechanisms that govern DAT's plasma membrane expression and postendocytic fate. Multiple studies have demonstrated DAT endocytic recycling and enhanced surface delivery in response to various stimuli. Paradoxically, imaging studies have not detected DAT targeting to classic recycling endosomes, suggesting that internalized DAT targets to either degradation or an undefined recycling compartment. Here, we leveraged PRIME (