Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

Regulation of claudin-4 via p63 in human epithelial cells.

PMID 28856683


P63 is a regulator of cell-cell junction complexes in the epidermis. Claudin-4 is regulated via various factors in normal epithelial cells and diseases. We found that claudin-4 was directly regulated via p63 (TAp63 and ΔNp63) in human keratinocytes and nasal epithelial cells. In the epidermis of atopic dermatitis (AD), which contains ΔNp63-deficient keratinocytes, high expression of claudin-4 was observed. In primary keratinocytes, downregulation of ΔNp63 by treatment with short interfering RNA (siRNA)-p63 induced claudin-4 expression. In nasal epithelial cells in the context of rhinitis or nasal polyps, upregulation of TAp63 and downregulation of claudin-4 were observed. In primary nasal epithelial cells transfected with the human telomerase reverse transcriptase gene, knockdown of p63 by siRNAs induced claudin-4 expression. Taken together, these findings indicate that p63 is a negative regulator of claudin-4 expression. Understanding the regulation of claudin-4 via p63 in human epithelial cells may be important for developing therapies for allergies and drug delivery systems.