Journal of biomedical science

Age-dependent redox status in the brain stem of NO-deficient hypertensive rats.

PMID 28893245


The brain stem contains important nuclei that control cardiovascular function via the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), which is strongly influenced by nitric oxide. Its biological activity is also largely determined by oxygen free radicals. Despite many experimental studies, the role of AT1R-NAD(P)H oxidase-superoxide pathway in NO-deficiency is not yet sufficiently clarified. We determined changes in free radical signaling and antioxidant and detoxification response in the brain stem of young and adult Wistar rats during chronic administration of exogenous NO inhibitors. Young (4 weeks) and adult (10 weeks) Wistar rats were treated with 7-nitroindazole (7-NI group, 10 mg/kg/day), a specific nNOS inhibitor, with N We observed a blood pressure elevation and decrease in NOS activity only after L-NAME application in both age groups. Gene expression of nNOS (youngs) and eNOS (adults) in the brain stem decreased after both inhibitors. The radical signaling pathway triggered by AT1R and p22phox was elevated in L-NAME adults, but not in young rats. Moreover, L-NAME-induced NOS inhibition increased antioxidant response, as indicated by the observed elevation of mRNA SOD3, HO-1, AT2R and MDR1a in adult rats. 7-NI did not have a significant effect on AT1R-NADPH oxidase-superoxide pathway, yet it affected antioxidant response of mRNA expression of SOD1 and stimulated total activity of SOD in young rats and mRNA expression of AT2R in adult rats. Our results show that chronic NOS inhibition by two different NOS inhibitors has age-dependent effect on radical signaling and antioxidant/detoxificant response in Wistar rats. While 7-NI had neuroprotective effect in the brain stem of young Wistar rats, L-NAME- induced NOS inhibition evoked activation of AT1R-NAD(P)H oxidase pathway in adult Wistar rats. Triggering of the radical pathway was followed by activation of protective compensation mechanism at the gene expression level.

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