Journal of agricultural and food chemistry

Preparation and Characterization of Mucoadhesive Nanoparticles for Enhancing Cellular Uptake of Coenzyme Q10.

PMID 28933847


The mucoadhesive nanoparticles (NPs) for oral delivery of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) were prepared using natural mucoadhesive polysaccharides, chitosan (CS), and dextran sulfate sodium salt (DS) in order to improve the solubility, cellular uptake, and thermo- and photostability of CoQ10. CoQ10-loaded NPs were prepared in the range of 340-450 nm with an entrapment efficiency of 60-98%. The mucoadhesiveness and cellular uptake of NPs were evaluated by measuring the amount of mucin adsorbed on NPs and CoQ10 absorbed in Caco-2 cells, respectively. CS/DS NPs had higher mucoadhesive strength than CS/sodium triphosphate pentabasic NPs (control group). Moreover, the solubility, cellular uptake, thermo- and photostability of CS/DS NPs were significantly improved compared with non-nanoencapsulated free CoQ10. Particularly, CS/DS NPs prepared with 0.5 mg/mL of CS and DS produced the highest mucoadhesiveness, solubility, cellular uptake, and cellular antioxidant activity. Thus, mucoadhesive CS/DS NPs may be an effective oral delivery platform for improving bioavailability of CoQ10.