European journal of applied physiology

Satellite cell activation and mTOR signaling pathway response to resistance and combined exercise in elite weight lifters.

PMID 28940037


Our aim was to compare the effects of a single exercise training mode (resistance exercise) with a combined exercise training (resistance and plyometric exercise) mode on satellite cell activity and anabolic signaling at the molecular level. Eighteen male weight lifters (20 ± 4 years, BMI 27 ± 6 kg/m Exercise induced increases in satellite cell activation and myofibrillar protein synthesis following both exercise modes, but the resistance exercise group was superior compared to the combined exercise group in satellite cell activity expressed by Ki67/CD56 (165 vs 232%) and PI3K/Akt protein expression (121 vs 157%), mTOR protein expression (117 vs 288%), p70S6K protein expression (253 vs 809%), and 4E-BP1 protein expression (70 vs 139%) of anabolic signaling pathway. These results suggest that the previous findings showing a greater effect of combined as opposed to a single exercise mode could be the effect of a greater training volume rather than a true-training effect of a combined exercise program.