Cell death & disease

MicroRNA-378 protects against intestinal ischemia/reperfusion injury via a mechanism involving the inhibition of intestinal mucosal cell apoptosis.

PMID 29022896


Intestinal ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury remains a major clinical event and contributes to high morbidity and mortality rates, but the underlying mechanisms remain elusive. Recent studies have demonstrated that microRNAs (miRNAs) have important roles in organ I/R injury, but the changes and potential roles of miRNAs in intestinal I/R-induced intestinal injury are unclear. This study was designed to analyze the miRNA expression profiles in intestinal mucosa after I/R injury and to explore the role of target miRNA during this process. Using miRNA microarray analysis, we found changes of 19 miRNAs from the expression profile of miRNAs in a mouse model of intestinal I/R and further verified them by RT-qPCR. Here, we report that miR-378 is one of the markedly decreased miRNAs and found the putative target mRNA that is linked to cell death after applying the TargetScan, miRanda, CLIP-Seq and miRDB prediction algorithms. Our results show that the overexpression of miR-378 significantly ameliorated intestinal tissue damage in wild-type and transgenic mice and oxygen glucose deprivation/reperfusion-challenged IEC-6 cell injury. Moreover, miR-378 overexpression reduced intestinal epithelial cell apoptosis in both in vivo and in vitro ischemic models and attenuated cleaved caspase-3 expression. Collectively, our results revealed that the suppression of caspase-3 activation by miRNA-378 overexpression may be involved in the protective effects of intestinal ischemic damage. MiRNA-378 may serve as a key regulator and therapeutic target in intestinal I/R injury.