MiR-196a2 and lung cancer in Chinese non-smoking females: a genetic association study and expression analysis.

PMID 29050330


The common polymorphism rs11614913 in miR-196a2 might be associated with lung cancer risk for non-smoking females in northeast China. The genotypes of rs11614913 in miR-196a2 were determined by a case-control study including 1003 patients with lung cancer and 1003 healthy controls. The tissues were detected to assess the miRNA expression. Secondary structures of miR-196a2 were predicted. There was a significant association between miR-196a2 rs11614913 and lung cancer risk in Chinese non-smoking females. Individuals carrying TC or CC genotype had increased risk of lung cancer compared with TT genotype (adjusted risks were 1.63 and 1.67). The C allele was associated with a higher risk of lung cancer with a significant risk of 1.27. The similar significant results were also found in lung adenocarcinoma. There was a significant association between miR-196a2 expression and lung cancer risk (t=2.594, P=0.012). The relative expression of miR-196a2 was significantly higher for CC genotype comparing with the CT or TT genotype in tumor tissues (P values were all 0.003). The optimal free energies were different for T allele and C allele. The polymorphism rs11614913 in miR-196a2 may be associated with lung cancer risks in Chinese non-smoking females through affecting miR-196a2 expression and secondary structure.